Green Pool can't get clear

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 18' x 36' concrete pool with fiberglass walls, 10' deep, hayward sand filter

Green Pool can't get clear

Postby mstrianse » Fri 26 Jun, 2009 08:23

Pool was opened on Labor Day weekend, my cover ripped and all leaves and dirty water went in. I have cleaned out all of the leaves and shocked the pool many times. The water is now a light green and I can see the bottom drain in the deep end. I have been at this light green stage for over a week and can't seem to get the water any cleaner. I put in new pool filter sand in last wekend but the water remains the same. I am frustrated and my two little boys are itching to swim.
Listed below are my numbers:
TC: was higher then 5
PH: 7.8
Alk: 90ppm
Hardness: 150ppm
CYA: 0
Thank you for your help

chem geek
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Pool Industry Leader
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Green Pool can't get clear

Postby chem geek » Fri 26 Jun, 2009 11:28

Get yourself a good test kit, either the Taylor K-2006 you can get at a good onine price here or the TF100 kit from here with the latter kit having 36% more volume of reagents so is less expensive per test. Without a proper test kit you really have no idea what is going on. It is unlikely that your CYA is truly 0 but you are measuring chlorine in the pool since it would break down in sunlight very quickly (half gone every half hour). You have to know the real results of your pool to know what to do. Get the good test kit and read Defeating Algae.

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