Do I need to drain my pool?

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Do I need to drain my pool?

Postby swim_mom » Sun 28 Jun, 2009 13:20

I have a 28' round above ground pool with a deep bottom. It holds about 21,000 gallons. I went and had my pool water tested yesterday and they told me I need to drain it about half way down and refill it or add 80 pounds of clorine. My son told me they are just trying to rip me off. The water is very clear. Please help. Here is the results of the test:
Saturation Idx: 1.2
TDS: 700
CYA: 30
Tot Chlorine 0.3
Free Chlorine 0
PH 8.8
Tot. Alkalinity 144
ADj. Total alk: 135
Tot. Hardness 120

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Do I need to drain my pool?

Postby chem geek » Sun 28 Jun, 2009 16:17

If the number are correct, you don't need to drain the pool. You just need to add acid to lower the pH and add chlorine (chlorinating liquid or bleach slowly added over a return flow with the pump running, then lightly brush in the area where you pour to ensure thorough mixing). Read the Pool School to learn more about maintaining your pool and please get yourself your own good test kit (Taylor K-2006 here or TF100 from here).

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