NEED HELP! Cloudy water after metal out & shock

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NEED HELP! Cloudy water after metal out & shock

Postby Dixie » Mon 29 Jun, 2009 11:26

Hi. One month ago, I got a new intex above ground 20'x48" vinyl liner pool.(8800 gallons). We had the fire dept. fill it from a fire hydrant in our neighborhood. My pool people said to adjust TA. Once levels were right, we added chlorine, then BAM, the water turned iced tea brown. So, I went back to the pool store where they gave me a $30 bottle of Stain X. Used it and the water cleared...temporarily. (found out the next week that the filters for intex pools don't filter metal out. read on a forum to put a towel in the skimmer basket, and i've been cleaning out brown yuck from it about every three or four hours, but seems to be working). So then it still looked greenish yellow. Used bleach to shock, raised chl. to 10. water turned yellow-green, but not as bad as before. So, within about 14 hours, the chlorine went down to 0, so I used the metal stuff again. (This was yesterday) So, today, I get up and look. I can see the bottom clearly, but the water is still green (i'm guessing yellow due to the blue liner). My towel in the basket is still yucky brown everytime I check it. I vacuumed only a small amount of stuff off the bottom this morning. I really just want this water to be clear, but I am totally clueless as to what to do next. I am going to take the water to be tested tomorrow. Please help give me any ideas on what I can do. I've had the pool for a month, and my kids have gotten to swim in it only once. Thanks!

Dixie in Louisiana

Also, I am needing to add more water to the pool, but am terrified of what it might do, now that I have it this clear. Do I add more metal remover as I add more water???


NEED HELP! Cloudy water after metal out & shock

Postby kheath » Wed 01 Jul, 2009 08:00

My pool done the same thing. It is the metals in the water that are causing it to turn. I was supposed to wait 48 hours to shock after the metal out, but I didn't. You need some stabilizer to put in to keep the chlorine in the pool, when it is very hot the sun causes chlorine loss. It is probably going to take a few days, but it will clear up.

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