Faulty Light Niche?

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need help

Faulty Light Niche?

Postby need help » Sat 16 Apr, 2011 18:26

how do you rplace the niche?

Judy P

Faulty Light Niche?

Postby Judy P » Sat 25 Jun, 2011 18:53

Last night our pool light just fell out of the niche. We tried to put it back in but the holes in the niche are corroded. We cannot attach our light to the niche. Our pool 3 1/2 years old in ground pool and was installed by professionals. If the light is not screwed into the niche are we loosing water through the niche. Do we need a wire plug to stop the water from leaking? We are going to contact the company to see what they can do. Our warranty is up but I will see what they can do. We also have a dark brownish/black ring around the niche. Was all this an electrical issue? Any information would be helpful so I know what I am talking about when I call the company. Thank you.

Faulty Light Niche?

Postby rwkubota1 » Mon 03 Oct, 2011 12:05

Does anyone know about a defect or recall of any faulty light niche's?
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Faulty Light Niche?

Postby Curatolo Pools » Fri 07 Oct, 2011 18:47

have not heard anything. What seems to be the problem with yours.

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