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The Pool Cooler

Postby ckillian » Tue 30 Jun, 2009 19:52

I purchased this product for my pool. I live in the Houston area and my pool water is already 92 degrees. So we decided to give this a shot. If I could get even a 4 degree drop in pool temperature, that would be a huge benefit for us.

When I got it installed, there wasn't enough pressure to force the water up the pipe and out the holes. I called the maker of the product, and he told me to plug my returns one by one until water was coming out of the device. He even told me I could plug all the returns.

I ended up plugging 3 (out of 7) pool returns, and the water is coming out of the device. I originally plugged 4 of the returns, and the water came out much better. I checked the pressure on my filter, and there was no change after plugging the returns.

Here's my question....

What are the risks of doing this? Or is it safe for my equipment? I specifically asked the people at Mist Cooling if there were any dangers of plugging the returns, and they told me there weren't.



The Pool Cooler

Postby tbeaches » Mon 07 Sep, 2009 02:42

Hi everyone. I thought I would post here to share an idea that I put into use. Firstly, let me tell you that I only have a small 18ft. round above ground pool, but the theory is the same. I also live in a very, very hot area of the world, being the Persian Gulf. Bahrain to be precise. I wanted to wait until after the summer to report, so here goes.
I have to report in Celsius, as that is what I am used to. The summer temp here goes up to the mid 40's every day, cooling down to approx 36 at night. The humidity is intense; 50% during the heat of the day, and up to 70% at night (my glasses fog up when I go outside!). Before I installed my system, the pool temp was reaching 37 degrees. That happened very quickly of course, as the temps were hitting 45.
I designed a simple evaporative cooling system, running on a dedicated pump. I used a separate pump, as we have such bad, dusty air from all the sandstorms, and didn't want to compromise my filtration system.
I simply ran an intake (3/4 in poly) to a 1/2 hp pump, and then back to the pool rim. I used the same poly to make a manifold pipe all around the circumference of the pool. Then I simply took a small nail, filed flat and punched a load of holes in the poly. Turning on the pump created a huge spray ring all around the pool. I installed a tap on the inlet so I could control the amount of spray. This helped on windy days to prevent too much overspray.
By running the cooler, I was able to get water temps down to 28 by morning, and never higher that 32 during the heat of the day. I have no idea how hot the water would get without this, but am sure well over 40.
Now that it has cooled off a bit here, (40 daytime, 31 night) I do not have to run it very much. Maybe 12 hours a day. We cant stand water much cooler than 29 (just have to live here to understand that).
I do of course, lose some water, as it is evaporative cooling. About 1/4 inch a day. I can live with that.
This is a very simple system, that costs nothing, and it works. Hope this was helpful.

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