3M Colorquartz or Pebble

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3M Colorquartz or Pebble

Postby geeman » Wed 01 Jul, 2009 15:22

Debating whether to do a 3M finish or PebbleTec. 3M has a 10 year manufacturers warranty vs 5 years on the Pebble. I like the look of the two finishes about the same but so far prefer the feel of the 3M. I've felt several pools with both finishes including my neighbors Pebble pool. He says that he likes it but I get the feeling he's not totally satisfied and has convinced himself that he likes it because he feels foolish for spending the extra money (I spoke to his wife when he wasn't around). I'm not the type of person that tries to "keep up with the Jones'" when it comes to extravagant home improvements especially in this economy. Therefore, I don't want to use PebbleTec just so I can say that I have it and end up regretting my decision once it's done and I'm actually using the pool. I can afford the luxuriously beautiful yet poorly rated Jag, but spent my money on a modest yet well rated Toyota that now has over 200K miles on it with little maintenance. I've had several pool companies out, each one pushing either 3M or Pebble, both putting down the other. Is PebbleFina the same as Colorquartz? I'm looking for the honest opinions of people who actually have these finishes or have been in pools that have them. Any help would be appreciated. Please don't hesitate to be blunt, this is a big decision for our family. No offense to Jag owners out there :)

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3M Colorquartz or Pebble

Postby Me... » Thu 02 Jul, 2009 07:42

They all work just fine, plus others. It will have a lot to do with the crew applying it, they either do a good job, or not. And do they come back to fix a patch that came off or a color that seems blotched in an area? And don't forget that if you do not maintain your pool none of them will last.

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