Shocking clouding my water?

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Shocking clouding my water?

Postby morbidglory » Mon 05 Jun, 2006 01:10

We opened the pool last weekend and the moment we did the first shock, the water went cloudy.

Before opening the water was a cloudy green, but since then its gone blueish but stayed cloudy. So much so we cant see the bottom. In fact, its ok until about 2 or 2 1/2 feet deep then you lose total vision of whatevers in there.

We used the poweder shock treatment disovled in water.

Could this be whats clouding the water? and should I just start shocking with pure liquid chlorine?

Im sure its no longer algae cause everything is pretty much clean.
The chemical levels are also fine.

If this helps its a 15 x 24 oval aboveground w/ vinyl lining.

Im thinking it's eaither the powder shock or just dead algae? Turning off the pump to let the particles settle doesnt work either.


Postby Guest » Mon 05 Jun, 2006 22:11

Hi I had this problem also, and I used a super floc, put it in, let the pump run for about 4 hours to circulate it then turn it off over night... then vaccum what is on the bottom to waste , run the pump for another couple days, then repeat( turn off, let settle, then vacccum to waste) you will have to add more water, and it will take some time but my water is now clear like I like it! ALso, if you have a floater, put and keep about 4 chlorine tabs in it at all times, it will help too!! A clarifer will help also, just make sure your chem levels are all good through all this!! Good luck, it is ok to swim in also when it's cloudy, but I know you want it sparkling clear!!I am the same way with my water!!
Good Luck, let us now know it goes!

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