what type of sand do i need?

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what type of sand do i need?

Postby Spaceboy » Sun 05 Jul, 2009 19:54

Hello, I have a hayward S200 series filter , i went to replace the sand inside and the salesman at my local pool store sold me 200lbs of sand . The label on the bags of sand says Clearx silica pool filter sand. Now when I opened the filter the sand in the unit is a much larger grain then what the pool store sold me. Before i replace the old sand , I was wanting to make sure that the new sand was the correct stuff. the old sand is more like fine gravel (its grey) the new sand is like a fine sand and is tan.. thanks for any help in advance.

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What type of sand do i need?

Postby Me... » Mon 06 Jul, 2009 12:04

I would go with the stuff you bought. Pool sand is usually about a #20 which would be a finer sand. When I do a fish pond I might use a #16 sand so that it doesn't plug up so fast and ponds generally don't required that fine a filtration. The previous owner could have put the other sand in for any number of reasons, probably all incorrect. I have opened up filters that had rocks in them because the users could not keep sand in it, it kept backwashing out down the drain. This is typical of filters used with pumps that have too much flow capability.

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