Different Clowdy water porblem

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Miles (total pool nube)

Different Clowdy water porblem

Postby Miles (total pool nube) » Mon 06 Jul, 2009 11:33

Hello All,

My problem seems a little different what has been described by other members. Our pool is normally very clear however once we swim in it quickly gets milks. We noticed that the outside walls and floor of the pool have a fine white powder always present. You can clearly see foot prints and hand prints on the wall where the powder has bee whiped away.

I think (sorry we have a pool service) we have a sand filter and we use these hockey puck like chlorine disks that get dropped into the skimmer.

My theory is that these disks (hockey puck) desolve into the pool and slowly build up on the walls/floors.

Anyone else have a similar issue or know how to resolve this issue. Our pool service doesnt seem to get it. It instantly gets clowdy with minimal swimming.

Thanks in advance



Different Clowdy water porblem

Postby Miles » Tue 07 Jul, 2009 08:45

21 Views and no one has an idea?

selfish bump.

Is it because i'm missing info?
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Different Clowdy water porblem

Postby Bjorn » Sat 11 Jul, 2009 19:40

What do your test results show (ph and chlorine level) :? ?

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