After backwash and trap door cleaning pump will not start

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After backwash and trap door cleaning pump will not start

Postby HARRY64 » Wed 08 Jul, 2009 09:33

Hi I am a newbe to the site. I am a new home owner and new pool owner. Well i should say new in ground pool owner. Well anyways last night I noticed the clear sight window on my Hayward pump basket was full. So I turned off pool pump and opened window and cleaned out basket which was full of debris. (this was the 1st time I have cleaned the basket this summer-the pool has been running for approx 1 1/2 months). It was very dirty. I then put the basket back in, closed window. Turned filter to backwash and begun backwashing for approx 1-2 mins. Then changed back to filter and went to turn on and nothing. I checked dumb stuff before it got dark. Circut breaker, I do have a timer but I never really changed the timer from the previous owned-I just turned it on and off? I am stuck??!!? Any suggestions on where to begin?

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