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New Pool Owners

Postby jshovis61 » Wed 08 Jul, 2009 16:48


We have a 33' by 18' by 52" above ground pool. We have never owned a pool and this one can with the foreclosed home that we recently purchased. The pool was full of nasty water as nobody had lived at the house in over a year. In addition, there were issues with the liner, pump and filter. We thought about replacing everything. But it was cheaper just to replace what needed to be replaced.

So we replaced the liner, pump and filter. The pool was then filled again. The water has been tested and everything is good.

We have asked the following questions to a few local dealers. But we wanted to hear from other pool owners and distributors.

1. How do you get wrinkles out the liner? When the liner was installed, the installers were in a hurry to finish and they left a few wrinkles on the one end of the pool. They are coming back to fix the wrinkles this week. But we would like to know what we could do to fix a wrinkles should once occur in the future.

2. What type of Pool Pump Timer can we use to control the pump? We have a 1.5 HP Hayward Powerflo LX pump and Hayward S180T Pro-Choice Sand Filter. We have found a few pool pump timers that will work with 20 amps. But they all state "up to 1 HP". So it does not seem like there are any for an 120 volt 1.5 HP pump motor. Does anyone know of a good timer we could use?

3. The local pool place told us RELAX once-a-week pool chemicals were the easiest ones to use. However, we can find little on the internet about this system. Does anyone else use these chemicals?

4. Does anyone use liquid thermal pool covers? With a pool as large as ours, we were told regular thermal blankets would be a pain to put on and take off. If you use the liquid thermal pool covers, what do you think? Does it really result in warmer water?

Thank you for your time,


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