DE "finger" filter won't bump

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DE "finger" filter won't bump

Postby Apps » Mon 05 Jun, 2006 12:13

I have a hayward finger type DE filter. when I opened the pool it worked fine for about 10 hours then the pressure went up and I "bumped" the filter. In about 1 hour the pressure went up again, and I was able to bump the filter and backwash and everything was ok. An hour later, the pressure went up again and when I went to bump the handle has no resistence and I am unable to bump.

I took the filter apart and cleaned all the DE out, flushed all the openings and put it back together. The bump handle moved the finger part up and down when it was apart. The pressure is fine now but I still have no resistance on the bump handle.

Anyone know what's going on?


Bump handle -no resistance

Postby Vallan » Sun 18 Jun, 2006 19:58

I'm having EXACTLY the same problem. I was vacuuming up a lot of algae and built up a lot of pressure. I bumped it (with extreme resistance) and everything was fine. Pressure built up again and I went to bump it - no resistance at all, and no effect. I cleaned it all, recoated the fingers etc. but still no resistance. When the filter needs bumping, nothing helps but a complete backwas and recoating!!! If you find out what to do, can you email me? I will post if I learn first. This is terrible!! My daughter is getting married this weekend - I have enough things making me crazy, lol!

Finger type DE Filter won't bump

Postby Apps » Mon 26 Jun, 2006 10:05

I ended up taking the filter apart and printing a parts diagram off the website to compare. I was missing a thrush washer from the metal shaft that goes thru the finger assembly, both top and bottom. Must have backwashed the tiny things out, but I couldn't find them.
For $9 I was able to fix it myself! :D

Hopefully this is your problem too.

won't bump

Postby apps » Wed 28 Jun, 2006 12:03

There are two eclips inside the filter. I the one eclip is missing ait will not bump.

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