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timothy bryce
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Trends Solar Heater

Postby timothy bryce » Fri 10 Jul, 2009 14:39

Looking to buy a solar heater for my intex pool but i was told the intex pump is not suitable for the sunheater models.

They suggested the Pool Trends Solar Heater for Intex pools, 3 of them for a 32ft pool.

Does anyone know if there any good?


Pool Trends Solar Heater

Postby another_denise » Sun 16 Aug, 2009 21:25

Yes, they work.

It helps if they can get sun most of the day and that you size (get enough) of them for the your pool.
We have one on ours and really could use two, but it does help get the temperature higher. Also, make sure you have a pool cover to hold the heat in at night

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