Green pool and now my head is spinning

Algae problems in swimming pool water.
Green (cloudy) water or slimy pool walls.
Black algae. Mustard algae. Pink or white pool mold.
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Green pool and now my head is spinning

Postby bobbyg714 » Tue 14 Jul, 2009 17:23

leanned wrote:I have pretty much figured out that Chem geek(Richard) is the go to man on this site!!! I just wish our pool store would tell us the same stuff as we learn here, or at last part of the stuff we learn here. The store I go to just scares the crap out of you for using too much chlorine in your pool. They would like me to add only 10-15 L at a time to clear a 100,000 L green pool. So as a relatively new pool owner I was listening, now that I have found this site I will be more inclined to listen to what is said here. It just takes me a while to get my "school head" back on for learning again.

Yeah, I also realized that Richard is the go to guy. Richard helped me back in May with an Algae issue. I had algae for three straight years and was about to hang it up when I stumbled on this site. Not only did Richard solve my problem, he educated me in pool care and bleach, recommended a great test kit, and answered any question I had no matter how dumb it sounded. With his help and my new found knowledge, my pool has NEVER looked better than it does this year. Best of all, I haven't been inside a pool store all season. No need to ever go there again unless I need a raft or something. :D Just wanted to thank Richard again for all he does on the board!


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Green pool and now my head is spinning

Postby chem geek » Tue 14 Jul, 2009 23:10

Your welcome, but my knowledge is cumulative starting from what I learned from Ben Powell and the mods at The PoolForum to people at Trouble Free Pool and other sites (such as PoolSpaForum that is more active about spas). There are a lot of very knowledgeable and helpful people. I've just focused mostly on the pool water chemistry aspect.

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