Need Help with solar panels

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Need Help with solar panels

Postby fullofitx3 » Sat 11 Jul, 2009 07:09

Hope someone can help with this problem. The house I purchased has an 16x36 ft inground pool, with a solar heating system. The panels are about 40 feet from the pump (1 1/2 hp haywood) mounted on a rack and it is controlled by manual by-pass valves, it appears that the owner capped the 2 ends not being used with a rubber gasket leading from the header attached to pvc with clean-out caps.

The other day I had the panels running when I heard a pop and noticed that one of the ends popped off about 5ft from the panel. The piece that came off was the pvc pipe that connected to the gasket, it appears these are sungrabber panels and I spoke with the company and they advised me to make sure the clamps were tight and it should not be a problem.

It seems that every system I look at has a vacuum relief valve installed in one of the ends, my panels lay kinda of flat so I dont know if this would help. My normal pressure is about 18-19, with the valve turned off sending all the water to panels it jumps to about 22-24, is that to much pressure on the panels, should I just slightly turn off the valve to relieve the pressure, I dont want to leave these on when nobody is home for fear that the pump would run dry any help is appreaiated.

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