Return jet question

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Return jet question

Postby TriciaW » Sun 12 Jul, 2009 12:19

I have a 15 ft. round above ground pool. I am curious how the return jet should be pointed. Ours points up and straight across the pool right now and makes tons of waves and bubbles but it seems like its not doing much at the bottom. Any advise?

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Return jet question

Postby czechmate » Mon 13 Jul, 2009 14:52

Return jets should maximize efficiency of filter runtime. 6-8 hr pump run does not come cheap anymore. Without the presence of the bottom drain, it is not easy to make the jets work to your best advantage. There should be some directed to send surface water alongside perimeter to skim surface debris and some to churn settling dirty bottom water. The effort is directed to filter the minimum of already filtered clean water. Only experimenting will then point out the fine tuning of the jets.

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