Baquacil to Chlorine - Help

Baquacil, SoftSwim, Revacil, Splashes, Poly Clear. Using these
non-chlorine products and converting from biguanides back to chlorine.

Baquacil to Chlorine - Help

Postby Guest » Sun 12 Jul, 2009 18:32

Help...I have taken my water to be tested, and reads zero baqua. But, now that I have added shock it has thousands of tiny white things all in the pool. What should I do? Is this baquacrap?


Baquacil to Chlorine - Help (forgot info on pool)

Postby thepoolmom » Sun 12 Jul, 2009 18:34

Continuing from Help pool is a 24 ft above ground pool. Am seriously thinking about doing the chlorine/bleach thing but am afraid it will mess up my liner. Have a cartridge pump. Thanks for any help and advice.
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Baquacil to Chlorine - Help

Postby nocturnalsheep » Mon 05 Oct, 2009 16:02

By chlorine/bleach thing do you mean switching to chlorine as your main sanitizer?
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I'm new here
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Baquacil to Chlorine - Help

Postby RiverPoolsMarc » Sun 01 Nov, 2009 22:56

Baquacil can be quite an animal...and an expensive one at that. I recently wrote a blog discussing all of Baquacils issues, so you may consider taking a look(I'd write it all out but it would take too long):
Good luck!!

Marcus Sheridan

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