New liner installed, need help balancing

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New liner installed, need help balancing

Postby deaun » Tue 14 Jul, 2009 17:41

Hello everyone!

The liner in our 16 X 32 inground pool was replaced this month, along with the addition of a copper ionizer (now chlorine-free), refill, and reworking of plumbing. It holds 20,000 gallons. PH is fine, TS is fine, alkalinity is through the roof. We have added three gallons of muratic acid so far and have oxy-shocked twice (heavy rain).

I need help bringing down alkalinity. We live way out in the country, so filled from a well. Water in this area has extremely heavy lime content, as are local towns. How much muratic acid is needed for a first-time pool opening? Any suggestions? The frogs are moving in, and I am not supposed to turn on the ionizer until the water is balanced.



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