chlorine production

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chlorine production

Postby geofflynch » Fri 17 Jul, 2009 13:28

I have had my pool for 5yrs. I started with a Goldline salt system. It worked really well. I could control the chlorine out put by adjusting from around 65% to 75% production. Late last summer I switched to a Jandy Aqua Pure. I liked the features it offers. I have spent this summer trying to figure out why chlorine production is so low. Testing out put at the cell produces very low results. Is the Jandy a sub standard piece of equipment? I have to add 2 bottles of liquid chlorine about every 4 days or so and I run the chlorinator at 100% it can't keep up. I have replaced the flow censor, cell, power cord and front board. I have run electrical tests too. By the specs in the manual it is doing what it should be. I have also done extensive water tests and water is very good. No phosphates, stabilizer is good and so is the PH. HELP!!!!!

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