What are these pipes for?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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What are these pipes for?

Postby jmax » Fri 17 Jul, 2009 14:20

Not sure if this is the proper location for this question but...
We're new to pool owning. Recently bought a house with an inground pool in the backyard, and we have no clue what these two holes in the concrete around the pool do.
Can anyone explain what their purpose is? Here are a couple pictures:

Also, we noticed that they spit up water each time the water in the skimmer goes down which is causing us to lose water. No water comes out of them when the skimmer is off, and the main drain on. Any ideas on why it's doing this?

Thanks in advance.

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Swimming Pool Superstar
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What are these pipes for?

Postby Me... » Tue 21 Jul, 2009 09:17

I would think they are air intakes for the 2 returns below them. Just as in the air intakes on spa jets. When the pool is running with water coming out those 2 jets/returns try capping off the holes to see if you can make the returns aerate or not.

When the skimmer gets lwo the water can surge which might make water surge out the air lines since they are connected.

What are these pipes for?

Postby superdoopie » Wed 22 Jul, 2009 15:11

I agree with "Me" these are air intakes for the returns.

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