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new pool

Postby vsa13 » Sat 18 Jul, 2009 13:17

looking at installing a new pool in the Toronto, Canada region. Concrete is out of the question due to cost. So I'm left with either fiberglass or vinyl. In todays technology, is vinyl replacement still every 5-9 yrs?. I dont buy the argument that fiberglass will float out of the hole, and where i am its a heavy clay base. Is there any reccommended installers in the GTA as well.
Thanks for all the help in advance. :D

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New pool

Postby czechmate » Mon 20 Jul, 2009 14:47

Fiberglass is not exactly inexpensive. If you have any friends in construction business ,ask them to help you select the individual trades involved and contract them yourself individualy. I am just an electrician and I went that route 25 years ago. I have recently replastered and pool is very sound and all swimquip equipment still original. It is not rocket science to find and supervise good experienced crew. Plumber gets the job if he gets you a wholesale price for pump and DE filter. You can save abot 30% of cost. I have saved almost 50%. Gunite is an investment. Always worth it.

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