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Free Chlorine

Postby Laura » Mon 05 Jun, 2006 20:50

All my levels are good except my Alkalinity is slightly high. I have taken my water to 2 places to have the Phosphates tested as I have a bad Algae problem last year and could not find anyone to test it. I used alot of Yellow out and Chlorine last year to try and fight the problem.

I opened the pool with no algae.

I have added a Chlorinator to our filter system and have it set at 5.5.
I have added 2 bags of granulated super chlorine.

I took a test strip 1-1/2 hours later after adding chlorine and can not get a reading on my "Free Chlorine"

I have a 24' round pool and only have 2 years under my belt of experience.

My PH is fine my Total Chlorine is reading 5 and hardness is fine.

Please help as I am not sure if I should just keep throwing in the chlorine until I get a reading.


Postby fallbri » Tue 06 Jun, 2006 21:31

How old are your test strips? You should get some reading. Take a sample to a Leslie's if there's one in your neighborhood.

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