Solar panel frame

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Solar panel frame

Postby droogie » Sun 19 Jul, 2009 19:56

Has anyone built a frame to hold the 20 x 2 solar panels used for heating pools? I just bought a panel and I hooked everything up, trouble it is it laying on the ground which isn't terrible but I know I will have a 20 x 2 patch of dead grass. So I was thinking of building some kind of frame to hold the panel at a similar angle to those seen in all the ads. Maybe out of PVC to reduce weight, but I am not confident I can come up with my own design, I was hoping to find something online...


I'm new here
I'm new here
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Solar panel frame

Postby pintohenry » Tue 28 Feb, 2012 05:39

Solar panel is the best way to generate electricity and to minimize or cutouts electric bills. I had also installed solar panel at my home and i want to make frame for solar panel. Please anyone here can provide me guidance for making solar panel frame at home.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Solar panel frame

Postby dabbstaylor » Mon 05 Mar, 2012 22:55

really interesting thread about solar panel frame. I was just surfing net and found this thread.

Re: Solar panel frame

Postby awesome » Sat 24 Jun, 2017 09:21

Wonderful replies jackasses.

Depending on the weight of the panels when full and what you want to do, a 2x4 wood frame with 2x2 cross beams should generally be strong enough and light enough to move about.

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