"J Hook" liner question

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"J Hook" liner question

Postby Baltimoredrummer » Mon 20 Jul, 2009 11:10

I am a new pool owner. We purchased a 15x30 oval Harvest Pool at Namco. It took awhile, but all seemed to get done properly until we got to installing the liner. The directions refer to it as an overlap liner, and we installed it as such, with metal coping on the top of the wall, then the liner and then the plastic coping. But it would not fit right!

After looking at liner types online, it is clearly a J hook style that we have and not an overlap. Since I have never used one of these and the instructions are of no help, let me ask this: The liner came with metal coping tubes as well as plastic ones. Do I install either of these along the top of the pool wall before I slide the liner down over the wall? I was worried that without any type of coping (aka...protection) the sharp edge of the pool wall might cut the liner. If I do need to use the coping, I am guessing that I use the metal one?

Help! I am soooo confused!


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