pool has bubble at bottom

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pool has bubble at bottom

Postby hockynut » Mon 20 Jul, 2009 22:14

Along the edge of the bottom of the pool in the deep end I have a bubble that has formed. It goes around the edge and is pushed a couple of inches off the bottom. I do not have a leak, as even in the hot weather I do not seem to have lost any water by leakage. It feels like water under there but I can't find a source. I live in a semi arrid area and have not had rain for months. I replaced the liner 2 seasons ago and it went in very smooth. Suggestions??

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Pool has bubble at bottom

Postby Vinyl Master » Tue 21 Jul, 2009 07:13

Well sorry you do have a hole in the liner. you need to remember the volume of water in the pool is the amount of water on top of the liner plus the amount of water under the liner. The water isn't draining to the ground it is stuck between the liner and the wall. You haven't lost any water it just isn't where it should be.

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