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Pool Newbie
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Postby duke8444 » Tue 21 Jul, 2009 11:42

I have been a pool owner for 5 years with good success. Found this site to be very informative. Looking forward to reading for more ideas. I have a 16'x32' Desjoyaux pool and have had very little problems with it.

Thank you,


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Postby KPB » Mon 17 Aug, 2009 18:57

Anyone out there with a Desjoyaux pool that floods? Whenever I get a heavy rain the back box floods, the motor gets wet and the pool shuts off. If I'm out of town I come home to an algea bloom. I'm on my second pump in four years! Anyone converted the system to an above ground filtration sytem?
Pool Newbie
Pool Newbie
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Postby kasp78 » Fri 12 Jul, 2013 05:24

The problem is not in your Desjoyaux unit but of the surrounding area. The surrounding area should be inclinated in a way to force the water away from the filtration unit.

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