chlorine-free (need info) and pool vac prob.

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Deaun in Arkansas

chlorine-free (need info) and pool vac prob.

Postby Deaun in Arkansas » Thu 23 Jul, 2009 17:40


Feeling pretty stupid right about now; hope you can alliviate my concerns. After 4 years with our second-hand (purchased with house) inground pool, we have replaced the liner and refilled. We went with a copper ionizer to get away from chlorine and other chems as much as possible. Now I need to know: do we still use stabilizer? Asking because the CYA is zero--and I just don't know (said I felt stupid). Pool is 20,000 gallons, all readings now within parameters, but pool water is hazy (lots of rain last 2 weeks). Using an algecide due to rain.

Also, bought a Dirt Devil Whisper Vac, and it keeps getting "stuck" in one spot. Husband is furious--doesn't think it's sucking up anything (I can see a vague path). Sides are too steep for it to handle. Pool drops off abruptly from 3 1/2 ' to 5'. Vac is staying in the deep end. Suction is good, filter doesn't need backflushed, baskets are clean. Return jet is sending out clean water (hence, I believe the vac is working). Any suggestions for getting the vac to go where it is supposed to (ie the whole floor of the pool)?

Waiting with bated breath for your answers/suggestions.


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