Hayward XStream Cartridge Filtration System

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Its and 15 round above ground pool. My filter system is Hayward Xstream.
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Hayward XStream Cartridge Filtration System

Postby neo27apg » Fri 24 Jul, 2009 00:32

Hi i have to replace the cartridge because the previous owners throw it away. I read on the instruction manual that it needs a CCx1000re or ccx1500 but they are really expensive. I found one in lowes for way less money but its an cx1100re would that work. It says it’s for a Hayward 100 sq Thank you in advance.

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Pool Care Proficient
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Hayward XStream Cartridge Filtration System

Postby superdoopie » Fri 24 Jul, 2009 19:51

You could call Hayward directly and ask but I'd get the dimensions of the Hayward cartridge and then compare them to the lowes cart.
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Pool Enthusiast
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Hayward XStream Cartridge Filtration System

Postby mypoolsupplyguys » Fri 28 Aug, 2009 16:03

I believe this is what you are looking for Xstream Replacement Cartridge.

Or if you would like, I can find the unicel replacement which is normally cheaper.

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