New in-ground pool construction

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: New pool 18X36 vinyl inground. Salt water system. 1 Hp pump and DE filter.
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New in-ground pool construction

Postby sgaddis » Fri 24 Jul, 2009 16:01

Hello to the group,

This forum is great. I wish I had found it before I signed the new pool contract I would have made a few different decisions like the number of returns (3) and skimmer (only 1)! You guys are the experts. I still have time for a few selections and thought I would ask for your opinions. We are putting in an 18X36 vinyl pool and it comes with a 28ml Hydra liner.

Any thoughts on a sta-rite pump vs a hayward? Both are 1 hp. Didn't know if one was more reliable or more maintenance free than the other. I already purchased a DE filter. Will use 2" pipe.

What about a chlorinator system? Looking at the Aqua-rite salt water system. I need to decide by Tuesday. Also, is the Polaris 280 good enough or do you recommend something different?

Thanks so much and your opinions are greatly appreciated!

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