still algae with high chlorine?

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still algae with high chlorine?

Postby muzicmon » Tue 06 Jun, 2006 13:52

Our pool is about 8 months old... I test the Chlorine and PH levels frequently. The pool produces algae when the PH and Chlorine levels are at the "ideal" levels? The pool operates with salt and I've turned it up to produce chlorine 80% of the time... which results in higher chlorine levels, obviously, BUT... I still get algae growing on the walls and the floor of the shallow end. The pool has custom rock coping that drops into the pool (there is no tile line), could the exposed concrete grout that seals the rock coping be generating the algae? It seems to accumilate there as well in different places around the pool.
I am currently shocking the pool by moving the salt controller to "super chorinate", which is clearing the problem but once I go back to regular chlorine levels, the algae will return? ...any help or advise? pool store is baffeled.


Postby Sue » Fri 23 Jun, 2006 00:36

Muzicmon, I am no pool expert (we do have a pool too) but we also have a pond with rocks and we do get algae on the rocks. Of course in a pond that is a good thing but in your May I suggest that you use algaecide and get yourself a good pool brush and scrub the walls of the pool and the rocks as well. Run your pump overnight and then vacuum. Be sure to shock after doing this. Let us know how everything turns out. Good luck, your pool sounds real nice.

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