Too Much Superchlorination?? Safe?? [cal/hypo]

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Too Much Superchlorination?? Safe?? [cal/hypo]

Postby purplxhaze420 » Wed 29 Jul, 2009 08:26

Hello. Yesterday I installed a 12 foot round, 2 foot deep rubber pool in my yard for my children. (Approx 1,633 gal.) I went to the pool store looking for help with chlorination. I was sold 2 bottles of "super shocker" and was told to add 1 cup to my pool. I added 1 cup, tested an hour later and the fcl levels registered as 0. From there I added another cup, waited an hour -- still 0 for the chlorine. 2 hrs later, with the chlorine level still at 0, I added another cup. All this stuff was added late last night around 11-12 midnight est. It is now morning and I was wondering if it is safe for my children to swim in the water? What is your detailed recomendation for adding the supershocker to a pool like this, and how do I maintain an acceptable level of free chlorine from this product? Please respond as soon as possible and thanks in advance! -Byron

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