Problem with polaris vacuum device

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Problem with polaris vacuum device

Postby doubleD » Sat 01 Aug, 2009 12:08

Hey guys,

I'm having a little issue with my polaris cleaning device... It has a male connector at the end of the hose that connects into the female port on the side of the wall. The problem is, these 2 pieces have somehow become permanently locked together and I'm not sure why-- I have an hunch that it has something to do with the salt water chlorination system that was recently installed on the pool.

I physically got in the pool and used all my strength to try and break them free, but what happened next is troubling--- Instead of the male connector turning and releasing from the female connector, the female connector broke loose from the PVC pipe it was cemented to. So basically I have the hose with both the female and male attachments on it, where the female one has the threading on the outside that is supposed to stay in the pool wall. Could this be caused by the salt water system recently installed? Ive never experienced anything quite like it and im not realy sure what to think.

The owner of the house that I rent from tried to tell me that its my job to figure out the repair situation-- something I feel is a complete crock of SH*T, as he only deducts 50$ a month from my rent to completely take care of the pool (I'm getting hosed on this deal aren't I?- How much would one pay a company to take care of a 16k gallon salt water pool with DE filter system per month?). I feel like I spent at a minimum 5 hours a month more like 10 if nothing goes wrong, but it seems that something is always going wrong.

all the best


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Problem with polaris vacuum device

Postby superdoopie » Sat 01 Aug, 2009 13:10

I've seen these pieces get stuck together before. Ive seen it happen in non salt pools too.

What is still in the wall of the pool? If you broke the male threaded part out of the wall you may have ripped the permanent wall fitting out of the wall which is bad but it would have been extremely difficult to do. Maybe you can post a picture of the fitting you broke out.

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