Spa Bypass

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Spa Bypass

Postby computerwhiz1 » Mon 03 Aug, 2009 11:07

I was looking at a pool pump that has a spa that has a waterfall that overflows into the pool and I noticed the Spa Bypass valve. I was just curious and wondered why you would have this. There is a long straight pipe and at the end a T where there is a valve for Spa Return and Pool Return, however just before that T there is a valve that says Spa Bypass that then runs into the Spa Return pipe. I was just curios and wondering what this does and why you would use it. Here is a link to a diagram that I made: ... 899fe16d1e


Spa Bypass

Postby elf » Mon 03 Aug, 2009 23:35

you have the pool return for normally running your pool and the spa return for when using spa only. The spa bypass is used when pool return is on so the spa still gets water circulation to it at a smaller amout or problems with spa would start without having clean filtered water.

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