Chlorine calculation

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Chlorine calculation

Postby modeler11 » Sun 09 Aug, 2009 13:15

Hello Friends,

As a new pool owner, I would like to ask you to help me with some calculation:

1. Volumn: 16,000 Gal
2. Liquid chlorine, 10% Sodium Hypochlorite (1 Gal bottle)

If the current FC level is very low (close to 0), to make it to 2ppm,

16000*(2/1000000) = 0.1*x

x=0.32 bottle

Is the above calculation correct?

The reason is that a pool guy came and ask me to add 5 gal liquid chlorine, am I missing something here?

Thank you very much for your help!

chem geek
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Pool Industry Leader
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Chlorine calculation

Postby chem geek » Mon 10 Aug, 2009 01:35

Your calculation is correct. You can also use The Pool Calculator.

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