black dust like algae in pool

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black dust like algae in pool

Postby elaine » Tue 06 Jun, 2006 21:28

I currently have an above ground pool with a vinly liner.
I have been having an ongoing problem since last year with a black algae dust that collects at the bottom on my pool and no amount of vacuuming will get rid of it. It seems that every time that I vacuum the fine black algae dust from the pool using the filter, the next day the pool is dirty again with the black algae. It seems that when using the vacuum I am not only dissipating the black algae and whatever I can catch with the vacuum seems to just get blown thru the filter. I have tried vacuuming to waste which seems to help but does not solve the problem completely. Any advice? Are there any type of special vacuums or chemical that can help??


black dust in pool

Postby dr12160 » Wed 28 Jun, 2006 15:48

Hey Elaine,

I am having the same problem. Got my pool 10/05 & never had a problem until 5/06. I have tried using an auto vac and also manually vacuuming myself. I have an 18 x 33 above ground pool w/vinyl liner. I brush pool walls and have done everything to get rid of the 'black dust'. When I manually vacuum by the time I get to the far end of pool the dust is back on the floor on the end I started from. I vacuum to waste but it is taking too much water. This is an everyday problem. Pool guys down here in TX said to try putting a knee high panty hose around & in skimmer because maybe the filter couldn't pick up anything that fine. But that didn't help either. I'm really getting tired of having a 'dirty' pool. If you hear of anything or finally find an answer, please email me and let me know. Thanks too much.

black dust like algae in pool

Postby elaine » Thu 06 Jul, 2006 16:11


I think I may have solved my problem. I found something called the Slime bag by that attaches to the return line of the pool that catchs the fine dust like particles.

First you should attach the slime bag (get the 18x30 bag with your size pool) to the return line of the pool. Second you must slowly vaccum the pool bottom with the vaccum (this may take 2 hours). Then immediatly after vacuuming the pool, clean both the filter ( I have a cartridge filter) and the slime bag with a pressure hose (directions are enclosed with the slime bag on how to clean) . Reassemble the filter and reattach the slime bag to the return line and it should remain clean. I have been using this method for almost two weeks and my pool has never been better.
Any questions email

black dust like algae in pool

Postby maureeng1 » Tue 18 Sep, 2012 11:26

Do you have any tips for removing the slime bag? When I attach it to my return in the pool, I find it almost impossible to remove from the pool because of its weight when filled with water. Even when I attach the slime bag only to the return hose (the hose from the pump to the return fitting) and drape it over the side of the pool, it is extremely difficult for me to remove it because of the weight. I do place a garbage bag around it to keep in any escaping particles when I remove the bag. I left my last slime bag in the pool too long because of the difficulty in removing it &, eventually, it ruptured and released a lot the debris within it back into the pool. I haven't bought another slime bag because, as effective as it is, I find it too difficult to remove from the pool. I'd appreciate any tips about this issue.

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