Waterfall Pressure / New Pool Pump Installed

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Waterfall Pressure / New Pool Pump Installed

Postby andy_dufresne13 » Mon 10 Aug, 2009 14:09


I had my 28.000 Gallon pool built in 2003. It is a 9 foot diving pool, with hot tub, and a 27 foot long 'weeping' wall along the entire side of it (ranges in height from 6 inches to 3 feet). The weeping wall used to drop wated off the very highest points of the rock, but now the water only comes from the bottom of middle layers.

I thought it was my Hayward 2.0 HP Northstar pump going bad so I replaced it with a brand new 2.0 HP Pentair Challenger this weekend. I was sure this would solve my problem and restore the same waterflow that I saw back the first few years after I installed the pool. No luck. The new pump is great, very quiet, but did not solve the problem.

Question, how can I correct this. Obviously, the skimmer baskets are all clear, and I've stuck my fingers down to see if I can feel anything stuck. Is there any other investigative steps I can take...I want to restore the full potential of the waterfall pressure. Oh yeah, I also played with all the Jandy valves to make sure they were in the maximum position.

Please help. Is it possible that the little waterhouse fused inside the rock walls have become clogged with debris? How would I begin to clear the lines here since I can't access them (mortered inside the waterfall)..


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Waterfall Pressure / New Pool Pump Installed

Postby mr_clean » Mon 10 Aug, 2009 14:34

does the flow in skimmer and return lines seem normal? I would check the filter for high pressure and see if it needs to be cleaned. When the pressure builds up it can slow everything down.

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