Water Tastes Sour

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Water Tastes Sour

Postby Judi » Tue 11 Aug, 2009 07:48

I finally got to dive into the pool last night for the first time this summer. I came up with a sour taste in my mouth. My husband told me the water has tasted this way for a few weeks. Any suggestions?

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Water Tastes Sour

Postby superdoopie » Tue 11 Aug, 2009 08:26

This is likely a water chemistry issue. Test the water or bring it to a pool store to be tested. Your pH could be off or TDS too high. Best to make sure the water is in balance.

Water Tastes Sour

Postby Guest » Mon 02 Nov, 2009 16:39

I think the balance of the ingredients is out i think you should test it out to laboratory and check out the pH or TDS balance.

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