Smart pool nitelighter pool lights

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Smart pool nitelighter pool lights

Postby oldbear48 » Thu 20 Aug, 2009 16:35

Howdy everyone
Just a little note to relate an experience so that others may consider before buying. We purchased our aboveground pool in August of 08. With the pool we received a Nitelighter NL50 pool light. We only used the pool for 2 months before we shut it down. In the spring when we opened the pool I found out the light no longer worked. I called Smartpool and explained that the light had only been in use for a few months and was not in the water over the winter. She said they always take that into consideration and to send the light to them. It cost $17.00 to ship that heavy thing and I waited for their reply. Two weeks later I sent an email asking about my light. They didn't get it yet. Two weeks after that another email. They got it and are evaluating it. One week later again they are still looking at it. Waited another week before sending again. This time I got a reply from a different person saying the light was out of warranty but for 50% off I could buy another one. By now it was August and I asked her if the warranty would be out by next spring. She changed the subject. So far I have sent 2 emails asking for my light reply. Their warranty and service stink! Buyer beware. :thumbdown:

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