HELP!! I can't get my pool clear!!!!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Above ground 24 foot, 4 feet deep, similar to Intex, just not the brand name. Metal frame.
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HELP!! I can't get my pool clear!!!!

Postby jeniker72 » Thu 20 Aug, 2009 18:22

I have a 24 foot above ground pool. We set it up ourselves, it's just like an Intex pool, but not the brand name. Anyways, I've put so many chemicals in it's not real. When we first set it up and filled it (with well water) it was clear. Over time we've had so much rain & t-storms it's been hard to keep up with. The last time I took a water sample to the pool store, they told me the water was fine. But, the problem is it's soooo dirty. I don't know if it's algae or just plain dusty dirt. I've put algaecide, metal out, alkalinity, everything I can think of. We have a vaccuum attachment but the problem is that it works from pressure from the hose. So when you try to use it, you're also running new water into the pool and the hose just basically "blows" the dirt around. Any suggestions!!!????!!!!


HELP!! I can't get my pool clear!!!!

Postby Blazing » Sat 28 Aug, 2010 17:50

There are a number of reasons as to why you are having problems. I created a web site to help people solve these FOR FREE. Check it out. solvemypoolpro look under the sections on dirt or sand at the bottom of the pool, the sections on green or cloudy water, the sections on filtration and the sections on proper water circulation. If you still have difficulties, send me an e-mail

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