odd hose thing going on, please HELP!!!!

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odd hose thing going on, please HELP!!!!

Postby newhere » Fri 21 Aug, 2009 10:41

Can you help?

1)A week ago my pool water level dropped and the pump/filter ran for a couple of hours until I turned it off.
2)After I filled the water back and turned it on, my hose started getting "sucked". Meaning, one little (2") section just got mushed FLAT, all by tiself!
3)I got a new hose today. And as soon as I turn the pump/filter on, the hose gets mushed flat in middle section of the hose. Not all of it, just one section. When I turn it off the hose goes back to its normal shape!
4)Please help, I am not good with pools! The pump/filter turns on properly and does'nt make weird noises, so....?

Please any advise, will be beneficial at this point.

Filter is sand. [email protected]


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