particles in pool water

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
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Particles in pool water

Postby Camden » Sat 29 Aug, 2009 23:11

czechmate wrote:If the DE is settled on the bottom there is only one working approach to get it to main drain. The same one I use to get out the inner ingredient, that comes with a calcium hypochlorite.
The Polaris will just churn it up and it will go right through the bag.
I use the wide brush with a slow steady motion and do the perimeter first, closing toward the main drain.
The trick is not to let the brush churn it up or create a cloud that will go past the main drain. After every forward motion stop for a couple of seconds, than twist and raise the brush.
That avoids dragging the rolling cloud of the DE back. I also stop about 2 feet before the drain. You can see dust swirling and being sucked in.
If you can switch to bottom only it works even better. Or put a chlorine puck over the suction holes in the skimmers.
It sound like a lot of details and lot of people will laugh at it, but it works and fairly fast.

Thanks for the advice, I did as similar as you described but without the twisting and raising the brush and I even taking my vacuum and manually doing the vacuuming myself. Those who laughs, let them laugh, because I personally believe you would have to see the water in person in order to foresee what needs to be done. I have tested my water 4 times at different places and intented to overdose the chemical to see what the pool testing would catch my mistakes, so far they all did and I have learned to get my water balance and will continue to learn. By the way, my next door neighbor's pool is crystal clear and when I told her about the chemicals that I have used, she blanked out and told me that all she has in her pool is chlorine and stablilizer for all 10 years and nothing else. I'm new to this but I don't believe what she told me is true. As far as DE powder when back washed, I have to use the right amount to refill what was back washed, is this correct?

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