Dropper kit shows orange?

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Dropper kit shows orange?

Postby fdnywife » Tue 25 Aug, 2009 22:48

Im trying to keep my pool algea free, but we frequently go away for a few days. My husband doesnt like to leave the filter on and our doesnt have a timer, so everytime we come back theres algea.. Advice? Shock before we leave?

Also Ive been testing the pool daily when home and have never been able to get the pH level right! I use the dropper kit. The bottom color is like a yellow orange, then it turns pink as it goes up. My pH reads orange orange, almost flourescent solid orange! Like an orange peel, but not pink! Whats going on?

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Dropper kit shows orange?

Postby czechmate » Thu 27 Aug, 2009 07:43

You did not state the type and size of a pool.
Having a timer is essential. Specially in the winter for a freeze protection of your equipment.
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Dropper kit shows orange?

Postby fdnywife » Fri 28 Aug, 2009 22:35

We bought this house and Im not sure the pool was ever really taken care of. We only have the pool open from June - September. Can we just buy a timer now and add it on?
The pH is still coming out orange! No idea why!

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