Why do I constantly have to Flok my pool?

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Why do I constantly have to Flok my pool?

Postby fdnywife » Wed 26 Aug, 2009 09:16

When I put flocculant in my pool it works. Its the only thing that works. My pool starts out cloudy, I add flocculant, let filter run 2 hours, then let sit overnight. In the morning I vacuum the piles of gunk to waste. Gorgeous.... and then a few days later its cloudy again. So cloudy you cant see the bottom! Chlorine is within acceptable levels as per dropper test.. Sand was changed in my filter. I dont know why it keeps getting cloudy. It seems to clear a bit when I DONT run my filter. So Im not sure could there be something wrong with my filter? I should not have to add flocculant all the time! Im running out of money here! Whats the deal! Ive tried agleacides...shocking, clarifiers, added some powdery stuff to the skimmer baskets (to help filter catch small debris - forget what its called) I bring my water to the pool store, always buy what they tell me but nothing ever works except flocculant!

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Why do I constantly have to Flok my pool?

Postby brad s » Wed 26 Aug, 2009 09:35

Post some test results such as:

Free chlorine
Combined chlorine
total alkalinity
Calcium hardness
Stabalizer level (CYA)

Even if they are pool store numbers, these will give a better idea of where to start to help you. i suspect you have an algea problem and dont have enough chlorine in the pool for your CYA level.

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