Caulk between coping and deck

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Caulk between coping and deck

Postby caulker » Wed 19 Oct, 2011 01:32

I work for a service company and all I do is caulking been doing it for 6 years and we used np2 and have had alot of problems with it for the past 3 years we started using seaka flex and it has held up very well out of about 1500 pools I have caulked with it I have only replaced two of them! if u want good work at a cheap price leave me a # on here I could do the work!! wouldnt recmnd doing it yourself can be a messy job lol


Caulk between coping and deck

Postby Bobbie » Thu 01 Dec, 2011 09:57

I have a pool that needs caulk in Greensboro Ga. can you help ?

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