Squealing skimmer

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Squealing skimmer

Postby emski » Thu 27 Aug, 2009 20:07

Hi there,

Pulled out my Barracuda last weekend which was working fine but just wanted to add some extra hose lengths. A few lengths broke so I left the whole Barra out of the pool until today. I added the two new hose lengths, went to attach it to the skimmer and about a centimetre or so before attaching it it started squealing - not sure which part though. So I attached it regardless and the squealing noise was overbearing. I primed the hose before I went to attach it. I can't even attach the Barra to see if it's air in the Barra or something wrong with the skimmer because the squealing is too loud. The pump is filtering fine.

What am I doing wrong??

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