Strainer crack repair

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Strainer crack repair

Postby petec9686 » Sat 29 Aug, 2009 05:59

I just bought a used hayward matrix 1 hp pump off craigslist. I had the owner plug it in for me before buying it. It ran very quietly. So, I bought it and took it home. That is when I noticed a big crack around the bottom of the strainer, apparently from being left out in freezing weather without being drained.

Will an epoxy repair work? Judging buy the shape of the crack, I think it might. It is cracked so that it will flex if pushed from the inside, but not from the outside. Therefore, I would think that it will stand up to the negative pressure when it is run.

I am going to go ahead and try it. All it's going to cost is a little epoxy which I already have laying around.

One other question.

This is replacing a 3/4 hp hayward pump on which the motor died. I have a hayward DE filter. Will the 1/4 horse increase cause me any issues with the filter?

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