Very cloudy pool using Baquacil

Baquacil, SoftSwim, Revacil, Splashes, Poly Clear. Using these
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Very cloudy pool using Baquacil

Postby chiefrcd » Tue 24 May, 2011 19:18

I had the same problem, pink mold first then white water. Fought it all last year. This year I purchased " Pink Treat" 2 containers ( have a 30,000gal pool). I poured one container in one skimmer and another container in the other skimmer and let her run for 48 hours. Clouds of white debris blew out of the discharges. This will not settle out. I then flocked the pool using three containers of flock dissolved in 5 gal. of water. Within 24 hours my pool was almost completely clear from one so cloudy that you could not see the net just below the water. I vacuumed the bottom and got most of it. Had to let it settle again and vacuumed the rest out. Acid washed the sand filter at the end. My plan is to keep Pink Treat on hand and at the first sign of any type of mold, I'm going to attack it immediately.

Mr. Baquacil

Very cloudy pool using Baquacil

Postby Mr. Baquacil » Wed 01 Jun, 2011 14:29

The best way to clean up that pool is dump the Baquacil - the white mold is impossible to kill with this stuff - due some research on alternative pool sanitizers - copper ions UV. You will be a lot happier and it will keep more money in your pocket!

Very cloudy pool using Baquacil

Postby slou » Sat 09 Jul, 2011 13:32

Put a Miraclear in the skimmer basket.

Very cloudy pool using Baquacil

Postby unhappybaquaciluser2 » Thu 21 Jul, 2011 10:50

we have used Baquacil for several years and are having the same issues. have found out that Revaci can be used without much trouble in its place. the baquacil shock is not a strong and you loose your pool quickly because of this. :)

Very cloudy pool using Baquacil

Postby Pooless » Tue 26 Jun, 2012 07:37

I have the same issues with our 24 foot round pool, I am ready to drain it and take it down. I am so upset with it this year. I have looked at all of my Baquacil supplies and I do not have a water clarifier. What and how much do I put in to shock it. Please help, I am about ready to go the chlorine route too.

yellow water

Postby lindylu » Thu 30 May, 2013 08:54

just opened our baquacil pool it is clear as a bell but yellow. Have had the water tested and the only thing it needed was premium algicide. That was 3 days ago and it is still yellow. I added a second dose of algicide. still yellow and the filter has been running for days. Any suggestions anyone?

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