Homemade waterproof pool pump cover

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Homemade waterproof pool pump cover

Postby lmcancu » Tue 01 Sep, 2009 18:24

After replacing my bearings and pump seal, I decided to make a waterproof pool pump cover to protect the pump against any inadvertent water infiltration due to the weather (i.e. besides the broken seal). This small metal cover will protect the pump against the rain and also allow it breathe. The instructions and images are below:

Pool pump metal enclosure
DSC00089.JPG (75.95 KiB) Viewed 6780 times

1) Material: 24”x36” galvanized steel sheet (home depot)
2) ~6 feet of 1x3 wood
3) Tools: sheet metal cutter, hammer, 1 inch wood screws, 1/2” wood inch screws, drill to make holes through sheet metal
4) Cut 6 inches off of the sheet to make it 18”x36” (you can leave it longer if you like depending on the length of your motor) – put some duct tape after so you don’t cut yourself on the sharp edges. A good rule of the thumb is that it should hang 3-4 inches after the end of the motor so the rain doesn’t get in.
5) Bend 1 inch on each side (your total width remaining is now 34”). To bend place wood firmly along bend line, and use plier to bend up several times. Then hammer to get 90 degree angle and to flatten
6) Cut 2 strips of 1x3 20- 7/16” long. 1 strip 15- 7/8” long.
7) Screw wood together using 1 inch screws. Place cross piece underneath the 2 longer pieces and screw together from the top. (this creates a space along the length on either side for the water to drain in case any gets in). You can also brush the wood with the green stuff to make it waterproof.
8) Cut 2 small pieces of wood ( 2 - 7/16”) each and attach them each to the other ends of the longer pieces to make the structure well balanced on the floor.
9) Note be careful when screwing that you drill pilot holes as the wood tends to crack if you don’t since it is very thin (only about ¾”)
10) Once you have your structure, place one edge of the sheet metal onto the wood. I placed it on the exterior edge, but probably better to place on the interior edge so you have more room for the weights needed to hold it down. Here you need to drill a small pilot hole through the sheet metal and the wood. Use 1/2” screws to hold down the edge. Use roughly 4-8 screws to give it strength as you will then bend the sheet metal in a dome structure and attach to the other wood frame on the other side.
11) Make sure you duct tape all the sheet metal edges including the edge with the screws so you don’t cut yourself
12) The tricky part is the little circular cut-out to fit nicely against the pipe. Measure your pipe or union or whatever the cover will rest against, and cut out the half-circle out of the sheet metal. Make it slightly bigger so you can place some rubber moulding to butt against the pipe and make a nice seal. You can also use duct tape instead of rubber. I cut the half circle in strips since you won’t be able to do a clean cut with a sheet metal cutter.
13) For the rubber moulding, I used a shop knife to score the middle of the rubber about half way deep and then inserted it into the metal. I “glued” it by using silicone. However, this took time as the silicone takes time to set, so I had to tie the rubber with strings while it set. You may want to use glue instead.
rubber moulding up against union
DSC00092.JPG (76.33 KiB) Viewed 6763 times

14) Don’t forget to rest something heavy on the wood frame like pave uni so the structure doesn’t get taken by the wind.
Make sure to weigh down the enclosure
DSC00091.JPG (70.06 KiB) Viewed 6746 times

15) Note using metal allows the heat to dissipate from the pump


Homemade waterproof pool pump cover

Postby Guest » Sun 27 Sep, 2009 03:20

:thumbup: great one!

Thanks for sharing

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