Help... Cubby Pool Pilot Salt Chlorinator Not Working

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Help... Cubby Pool Pilot Salt Chlorinator Not Working

Postby cowgirl4u » Wed 02 Sep, 2009 13:44

have a Salt Water In-Ground pool with a Cubby Pool Pilot. Almost a month ago, it quit working. No lights at the control panel and no salt output. I thought it was the salt cell, so I ordered one which ran me almost $500. I replaced it and found that the panel still did not turn on. I should have checked the fuse first, but didn't know to do that until I got my manual out ( I should have done that first). Anyway, I decided to just order the Cubby Power Supply and was told that the manufacturer discontinued the model not more than 2 weeks ago. I have checked everywhere and with everyone in hopes of finding one with no luck. The $500 salt cell I bought cannot be returned because 2 feet of the cord was cut, so the place I got it from won't take it back and there is no other salt system that will accommodate this particular cell. I contacted Autopilot Systems to see if I could get someone in Tech Support to troubleshoot the power supply over the phone in hopes that maybe it might be something simple that I could do myself. They told me that if it's not the cell and not the fuse, I have to get a service tech out. I would really hate to pay someone to come out to just tell me that my system is not repairable and I need a new one quite yet, so I thought I would put this out and see if maybe someone could shed some light on my dilemma. I will add as well that this is my first salt water system and I am kind of freaking out because I'm not sure what is happening to my water while my system has been out. I have been adding chlorine and acid. I had my water checked a week ago and they said the chlorine and ph was high and phosphates at 1000. I live in the Phoenix area and have a lot of blowing dirt out where I live. Any suggestions regarding my system and/or chemical maintenance while my system is down, would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows of an honest service tech in the East Valley Phx area, please let me know.
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Help... Cubby Pool Pilot Salt Chlorinator Not Working

Postby funrunner » Wed 16 Sep, 2009 09:13

Have you found the troubleshooting guide for the unit and used it based on the flashing light pattern? Here is the link I found for it: As far as a tech, I have used the local pool store and the company that built the pool. As far as balancing the pool its work each and every week, even with a salt system. Between putting in acid, shock and sweeping, especially after dust/sand storms it can be work. I live in the east valley and because of the water I have to change it about every 2 -3 years as well. I usually shock the water when my cell has had problems in the past instead of just dropping cholrine in the water. Another thing in the winter your water is going to below 60 degrees follow the instructions in the link. Good Luck.

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