inground vinyl liner leak

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inground vinyl liner leak

Postby sunnysky » Wed 02 Sep, 2009 16:07

Old liner 20 yrs old never leaked. New liner leaked 6" per day. Pool liner installer came out; drained pool and found old gasket in bottom drain with caulk the problem. refilled pool and now only leaking 1" per day. A test of all lines was performed and no leak detected; but water still going down to same level as before test. Only possibilities are steps where liner connects at front. Water at skimmer is 2 inches below the faceplate. Pool company says leak detected there, surface uneven; they caulked. Pool still leaking 1" per day down to same level. Only jet shown is in step and it is 1" above the water level. Water level doesn't change after 12" drop if pump is off or on. Originally liner at steps was missing 2 screws, one stripped, and one wrong size. WHERE IS THE LEAK? ANY THOUGHTS ,AS I AM VERY UPSET WITH THIS INCOMPETENT POOL COMPANY.

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Inground vinyl liner leak

Postby Vinyl Master » Sat 05 Sep, 2009 08:34

Do you have a light? If you do they sometimes leak out the back of them . I would guess the leak is at the stairs. You may want to hire a independent leak detection company that guarantees they will locate the leak. you can find leak detection companies in your area

inground vinyl liner leak

Postby jimp40 » Fri 04 Dec, 2009 21:03

Had a new vinyl in ground pool installed and going through same leak problems. Pool installer used a dye and found leak in bottom corner of steps seal due to screws requiring more tightening. Have you solved your problem what was the cause of your leak. You definitely require all screws for seals to be installed properly. Could the seal around the steps be worn out and need replacement?

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